Gas Chamber Wheelchair

by Luxurious Dagger

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Luxurious Dagger - Gas Chamber Wheelchair

This loopy concoction is a rare bird indeed, and nearly impossible to pigeonhole with standard cliche music review adjectives...which is an accomplishment in itself. Fully loaded with tracks built to entrance and confound your noodle via your ears, it's an electronic casserole of masterful synth-mania with lyrics and samples that are equal parts sarcasm and social satire with a lemon wedge of dystopia and a salted rim that might still be able to sneak in the back door of a dance club if it wasn't too busy trying to set it on fire. Luxurious Dagger is craftily using the tools of pop music culture to destroy itself, and it's about Goddamn time someone stepped up to the task.

The Swede

Dark Discordian plunderphonics with a variety of pulsating electronics, noise and abstract post punk. A stark and insightful editorial on modern culture, reinforcing a favored quote: “Humor is the only truthful way to tell a sad story.” Gas Chamber Wheelchair illustrates an intuitive and complex experimental artist and is already my favorite spoken word album of 2012.

Ayn Morgan, The Chestnut Tree


released June 1, 2012

Written and performed by Marvin Ferguson




Luxurious Dagger California

Luxurious Dagger is an audio collage project of Marvin Ferguson, whose musical career began in the early 80's during the emerging So.Cal punk scene. He’s performed in numerous bands like Bad Acid, Spinning Fish, Hags, Fag Rabbit, and Dark Backward. Past projects included members of The Offspring, Smogtown, and the Centimeters. He’s released experimental music as RM3, and now as Luxurious Dagger ... more

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Track Name: Gas Chamber Wheelchair
Loose cannon
Tip the scales
Top banana
Voice of the Nation

Demonic repossession
Triple scoop catastrophe
Dress code violation
Challenged developmentally

Track star disappointment
Recycled poetry
Roommate back stab
Everyday work pants

Paper trail unravel
Gas Chamber Wheelchair
Track Name: Tunnel Vision Bifocals pt.1.
main attraction
instant gratification
easy bake oven
wonder bra
life lesson
faced with changes
interior design
smiley face
place to hide
Sodom and Gomorrah
urinary tract home
devils advocate
bel biv devoe
marvel comics
southern mechanic
man and machine
systematic friendship
herniated disc
reverse thread vagina
past life
carnal sin
peter piper
atomic disaster
half hatched
belly dancer squabble
micro analysis
deviated septum
Track Name: Things I Tell Myself
Things I Tell myself:
Not bad looking.
An absence of too much body hair.
Can hold on to a job when the money's right.
Knows the best restaurants downtown.
Tips fifteen percent when the service is good.
Prays to the most popular god according to my location on the globe.
Known to commit without starving myself of personal freedom
Likes dogs and kids but prefers the company of my peers
loving gracious and sensitive.
head strong and well liked.
Track Name: Senior Discount
Ice cream sandwich
Corner bar
Leave the bike outside
Motor car
Done with dishes
Peg leg whore
Now and then
Liquor store
Visa Verse
This way round
Counter clockwise
Weighs a pound
Dusk till dawn
Name your price
Fountain pen
Minute rice
East of Eden
Taken back
Lacking substance
Empty sack